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स्वास्थ्य साधना केन्द्र

“NIRAMAYA JEEWAN” a monthly magazine devoted to Family Health and Spiritual Development.

(Published in the Hindi Language)

Welcome! We value our visitors and love to discuss your health problems and solve them mutually, naturally, holistically. Our monthly magazine, “NIRAMAYA JEEWAN” is an attempt in that direction. Every month, we feature a herb, its medicinal uses, some other natural and home remedies, and a Q&A; section where you can ask your question(s) pertaining to your health and more in terms of health. This magazine includes articles on naturopathy, yoga, health, food, longevity, life natural, prevention of diseases and preservation of health, etc. by eminent authors, so that the readers can maintain their health themselves i.e. health-self-sufficiency, as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.