Swasthya Sadhna Kendra

Yoga and Nature Cure Center

स्वास्थ्य साधना केन्द्र


Rule for identity

Patients are to bring their photo identity cards, which could be a copy of their passport / voters ID / driving license / pan card / ration card / bank pass-book / organisational ID issued to employees or any other card issued by central or state government to prove their identity. This is a must.

Free Ward Rules

Free General Wards will be allotted to only those patients who have an annual income of less than Rs. 50,000/- per annum. Application for re-admission to this category is considered only after a gap of 12 months from the patient’s last discharge.

Guest Rules

Guests of patients are normally not permitted to stay in the accommodation as they will be a strain on the resources of the Institute. However, such requests may be considered on the merits of the case on written application, only for suite accommodation and if considered, guest charges will be applicable at the rate of second patient.

Guests with heart ailment / communicable diseases are not allowed. No treatment or massage will be provided to them and they will not stay for doing any business.

Servant / Attendant Rules

Servants/ Attendants are normally not permitted to stay in the campus. However, servants/ attendants may be permitted subject to their complying with the Institute’s behavioral norms and with prior approval of the management.

The patients staying in the cottage are encouraged to bring servants or attendants, who can be trained in the treatments so that patients can continue the same at home. Servants or attendants will be provided separate accommodation and will have their food in the Canteen. Charges as applicable are payable

Diet Rules

Diet is an integral and a very important part at the Institute. It will be totally different; unlike the food you are used to and will include fasting. Coffee, alcohol, smoking, pan masala, zarda and non-vegetarian food items are strictly prohibited. Patients should not bring any food items inside campus. No eatables are allowed to be retained by the patients during his / her stay at the Institute. Failure to comply with these rules will be viewed as a serious breach of the Institute’s discipline and in such a case; the patient is liable to be summarily discharged.

Patients are advised to be on fruit or steamed vegetable for 3-4 days prior to their visit to SSK.

Out-Patient Rule

Institute provides treatment to its resident patients only. However, outpatients can be provided consultation against payment of a consultation charges of Rs. 100/- which is valid for revisits within the next 15 days.

Foreign National/NRI Rule

Foreign Nationals/NRIs, if otherwise eligible, shall be granted admission in accommodation other than General Ward category. However, if in exceptional cases, Economy category of accommodation is permitted, a surcharge of 50% over and above the regular tariff will be applicable to such patients. At the time of admission, all Foreign Nationals/NRIs are required to produce their passport and visa documents etc. for complying with Government of India regulations.


In order to avail the treatments and doctors’/experts’ consultation in full on the day of arrival, patients are requested to report/check in before 1 pm. However, those who are coming between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., would receive only the preliminary treatments like mud-pack, enema etc. Food, however, will be offered only at dinner which starts at 5.45 p.m.

For all late arrivals beyond 5 p.m. and up to 12 O’clock in the night , the day’s accommodation charge will be collected in full, on the basis of having spent ‘one night’, although the full treatment process will start the next day.

Tariff, Policies, Rules & Regulations are subject to revision without prior notice.