Swasthya Sadhna Kendra

Yoga and Nature Cure Center

स्वास्थ्य साधना केन्द्र



SSK provide peaceful, pollution, free and comfortable accommodation. We have accommodation facilities for patients & their care takers. We have general wards for male & female, cottage wards & A.C. cottages. All Rooms have basic furnitures attached bathroom & toilet facility and uninterrupted electricity supply, water supply.All rooms are having Air Coolers and T.V.

Diet Center :

A Nutritious diet is one that helps maintain or improve health. It is important for the prevention of many diseases such as: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A healthy diet involves consuming appropriate amounts all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there are a wide variety of healthy diets. Diet forms an integral part of Nature Cure treatment. Therefore hospital has a provision for a neat, clean and well equipped Diet Centre, which provides hygienic and quality natural diet to the patients under the strict and proper directions of doctors.

Nature cure Material shop :

Nature Cure is the system of therapeutics in which surgery and prescription medications are avoided, and preparations such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbs are used to treat and prevent disease. Various natural health products relating to Indian System of Medicine viz. Pure Honey, Herbal Oils, Health foods like Dalia, Ragi, Herbal tea, and biscuits, Ayurvedic Medicines etc, Yogic Kriya sets, Nature Cure Equipments like Hip bath Audio & Video cassettes, CDs, Books etc. for cure of different diseases. Periodicals on Nature Cure Yoga & Acupressure etc. at subsidized rates are also available for people.

Nishit Karwa Fitness Center:

with requisite equipments like rowing machine, treadmill(Jogger), vibro-belt, Twister, Exercycle, Automatic roller (Fat churner) etc. Are installed. A Regular Coach is Available for appropriate Exercies.

Out Door Treatment :

Complete arrangement for outdoor patients with appropriate treatment packages in Separate treatment Sections are available for male & Female sperately. General Public can take the advantage of such flexi treatment facilites.

Juice Centre :

Fresh & Seasonal Vegetable & fruit juices are made available to outdoor & Indoor Patients. Some special juices like wheat grass juice, Aloevera juice, Herbal juice, bel juice etc are also provided specific to the diseases.

Auditorium :

We have a large air cooled Hall of 84′ X 40′ to accommodate 250 persons being used for multifarious activities such as a Yoga, public lectures, show & other functions. It has all audio-visual facilities.

Daily Morning & Evening Yoga Classes :

We encourage everybody to try and practice the Yoga Poses by yourselves at home.
However, if you are feeling uncomfortable or are not able to complete a posture, do not push yourself.
Youga Exerciese is not competition , so just relax and try again. Moreover, do not try Yoga Posture which are beyond your capabilities.It will be helpful to actually sign up for same Yoga Classes where a professional teacher will guide you throughout and make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.

Monthly Seminar :

We organize regular seminar (Aahar Vichar Goshti) on Natural Health Followed by natural diet on last Sunday of each month. Its main objectives is for the awareness about indivisual ,family & social health & well beings. We call in Aashar Vichar Goshti Experts & Our Doctores highlight in their speech about good health & Yogasan , Pranayam and Meditation. For sponsorship, please consult mangament.

ATM of Punjab National Bank to facilitate cash withdrawals :

24X7 ATM facilities.